Salary of a Neurologist


If you are interested in becoming a neurologist be prepared to invest at least twelve years in education and training. First, you will need to earn an undergraduate premedical degree, which will take four years. Then, medical or osteopathic college will require an additional four years of education and hands on experience. After graduation, you will be required to complete a residency of at least four years. Once you have completed your residency, you can take exams from the Board of Neurology and become certified in a specialty.

Neurologists are physicians that are trained to identify and treat disorders of the brain. Disorders range from headaches, mood swings, and long term loss of movement. Although neurologists have very important jobs, they are not the highest paid physician.

Salaries of neurologist can vary from state to state, but the common neurologist salary in the United States range is $170,000 to $300,000 per year. The average salary paid to neurologists is approximately $225,000 a year. Additionally, neurologists receive a benefits package that is worth at least $20,000 per year. However, this package could be worth more depending on the business size and other factors.

The salary for a neurologist is great compared to other professions, but only considered a mid range salary when compared to other careers in the medical profession. Typically, neurologists will earn more than primary care physicians. However, Gastroenterologists can make twice as much as a neurologist. Also, surgeons generally earn more than most neurologists.

Neurologists earn the most money by working in Massachusetts, New York, California, Washington, and Texas. Furthermore, the top five metropolitan cities for neurologists to work in are Boston, MA, San Francisco, CA, New York, NY, Memphis, TN, and Ocala, FL. The vast amount of neurologists is employed by hospitals or clinics. A small amount of neurologists work in federal service, military health care, and universities.

Almost all physicians are considered private practice or self-employed. Neurologists that consider self-employment should know, that the skills required to manage a small business will be beneficial to their practice. In most cases, neurologists will hire an office manager, so they can take care of the business aspects of the practice, and the physician can focus on the patients.


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